SDA is a private investment holding dedicated to long term entrepreneurial growth

Project Details

  • Client: SDA Holding SA
  • Category: SME/CORPORATE
  • Website: https://www.sdaholding.com/
Live Site

Project Description

SDA group, a company in the automotive industry that was looking to rethinking its identity by updating it and turning it more towards the field of investment through its new branch SDA Growth.

After winning the pitch, Skwaadra develop the identity of its new entity, but soon it became clear that the SDA logo would no longer be consistent with the new graphic line. Substantive work has been done to standardize and make more relevant the graphic identity of all assets, creation of a new website and adaptation of its content, we also renew its house style. The objective was to allow the SDA group to reinvigorate its image while respecting its roots.

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